[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]I have been an avid user of Google for many years now and pretty much abandoned Bing.

After many years of using Google I was beginning to get a little frustrated with the lack of “improvements” on the Google systems. They seem pretty hot on spending (I assume) millions on the development of specs with screens and cameras in them or cars that drive themselves or photographing the moon… but sorting out their shop front… it seems like they are reluctant to do the most basic of improvements?

Sticky Menus and Google Drive are a favourite bugbear of mine.

STICKY MENUS – In today’s age of infinite scroll websites (especially in image searches) it cannot be rocket science to have a “STICKY MENU”, one that is always at the top of the screen no matter how far down the page you go. This could also be deployed on the search results – I have my settings to display 100 search results and it would be a handy feature.

Google Drive – Docs, Sheets, Presentation could do with dragging out of the last decade look and add more buttons to the menu bars – Excel and Word would be a good program to emulate.

Any how, so I was just wandering how things look over on planet Bing and I was pleasantly surprised!

Guess what!.. They have a “Sticky Menu” – SIMPLE but brilliant! Check it out. And their search results seems to bring back better results… not so much spammy sites.

Bing Map search – is pretty good too – Checkout the shopping centre guides when you zoom in – Click here

So… my advice. Give Bing another shot. You might be pleasantly surprised.